Civic Engagement

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Civic Engagement

Make a difference. Discover the needs of your local community and beyond! Help others! Get into action! Citizenship is the opportunity, right, and responsibility to contribute to shaping the world around you and provide services to others.

  • Explore your relationships with others: family, peers, state, nation, and world.
  • Get involved! Be an active, responsible citizen.
  • Take action to help others!
  • Show social responsibility, respect, and respond to the needs, rights, and responsibilities of others.

Exhibit Ideas

  • Create a video about your community and what visitors should know about it.
  • Report your exploration of an issue and define how each branch of government plays a role in its creation, interpretation and carry-out.
  • Create a notebook about the things you learned on Citizenship Washington Focus trip and how they impacted you.
  • Research 4-H in another country and share visually through a poster, presentation or report.
  • Create a visual representation about the different branches of government and how they work together.

Share What You Learn With Others!


  • Give a presentation about the history of your school or town
  • Make an appointment with your state legislator and share your thoughts on an issue
  • Research a community issue and share your ideas with appropriate board or governing body


  • Organize friends to clean-up a neighborhood park
  • Ask your local nursing home residents how they would like to celebrate the next holiday and involve others to carry-out the plan
  • Serve as a Youth Delegate to either your state Democratic or Republican Party Convention

Ideas for Project Area Learning!

  • Construct a family tree of relatives identifying places lived and vocations
  • Interview a neighbor and identify the similarities and differences between you
  • Tour city or state’s hall, courthouse or capitol
  • Help pick up trash at a park
  • Find out the names of your local or state representatives and the committees they serve
  • Interview your principal and find out what you and your 4-H Club can do to improve the school grounds
  • Observe a community board meeting
  • Create and carry-out a plan to help someone in your community
  • Interview someone from your local Chamber of Commerce or Economic Development Agency to learn about the goals for your community