Iowa 4-H Camping

Group around a fire

4-H Mission: 4-H empowers youth to reach their full potential through youth and adult partnerships and research-based experiences.

Adventures in nature are only part of the experience young people will have at our Youth Camps. 4-H camps offer a hands-on approach to developing the excitement and skills necessary for youth to succeed in a safe and fun setting.  The 4-H camp program starts youth on the path to becoming informed citizens and the next generation of scientists and engineers we need for our communities to thrive.        

Iowa 4-H camping experiences give kids

  • A safe outdoor environment for learning, having fun, and being creative
  • A chance to be with caring, trained adults
  • A living-learning community
  • Resident camps where kids stay overnight in cabins, tents, or under the stars
  • Day camps where outdoor creativity, activity and learning take place over several days
  • Group and individual time to have fun and learn together
  • A learning “laboratory” to practice life skills while exploring nature

Why have a 4-H camping adventure?

  • Research shows youth campers benefit in a host of ways, from being smarter, to being more cooperative, to having better overall health.
  • 4-H camp activities are led and supervised by Iowa State University 4-H staff and trained adult and teen volunteers.
  • Like all 4-H programs, Iowa 4-H camping is focused on the 4-H outcomes of developing productive citizens, outstanding communicators, effective leaders, and successful learners.
  • Because at Iowa 4-H camps, learning is part of the fun!