Learn How to Properly Preserve Food at Home

 Due to an increased interest in home food preservation, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach has developed the “Preserve the Taste of Summer” program. This program includes both online lessons and a hands-on workshop focusing on home food preservation with the most current USDA-approved food preservation recommendations.

“Preserve the Taste of Summer” is a comprehensive food preservation program offered for those 18 years or older. This program includes eight online lessons and the choice of one of four hands-on workshops. The workshops and classes focus on how to can, freeze, make jam and dehydrate food properly.
“We created ‘Preserve the Taste of Summer,’ to help Iowans learn research-based food preservation information,” said Sarah Francis, a human sciences state specialist in nutrition and wellness. “Everything we teach is research based.”

When food preservation is done correctly, it is a great way to have fresh, home grown produce year round. However, when food is preserved incorrectly, it has great potential to cause foodborne illness to a person or family. The "Preserve the Taste of Summer" program teaches research-based food preservation techniques to show how to properly preserve food and stay away from foodborne illness, like botulism.

“We are your source for research based food preservation,” said Francis.

 The online classes are flexible and the hands-on workshops are offered multiple times regionally.   

“All the in-depth information is online,” said Francis. “That education online can be done at any time that is convenient for participants.”

Two participation levels are offered with “Preserve the Taste of Summer.” The first level, professional, is offered for registered dietitians and Iowa teachers. This level is $100 and includes the eight online lessons and two hands-on workshops as well as continuing education credit, one renewable credit for teachers and 12 credits for dietitians.

The second level, home food preserver, is offered for those not needing continuing education credits. This level is $35 and includes the eight online lessons and one hands-on workshop. Additional workshops are $20.  

"Preserve the Taste of Summer" registration is now open.  Workshop dates are coming up fast and participants must complete the online lessons to attend a workshop.

For more information on “Preserve the Taste of Summer” online lessons and specific workshop locations and dates visitwww.extension.iastate.edu/humansciences/preserve-taste-summer.

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