Divorce Matters

When a couple splits up, it’s like any other crisis: big decisions are being made at a time when people may not be at their best.  Turning to reliable resources is a key to positive outcomes for everyone involved.
“Divorce Matters” publications from Iowa State University Extension and Outreach offer information and guidance on dealing with the stress of divorce, co-parenting issues, and on separating and stabilizing your finances during and after divorce.  The publications are available free from the Extension on-line store at https://store.extension.iastate.edu/ or from the ____ County Extension Office (    -    -     ).
Titles in the “Divorce Matters” series include:
·         Separating Your Finances
·         Coping with Stress and Change
·         Managing Income and Expenses
·         Talking with Children
·         Visitation Dos and Don’ts
·         A Child’s View
·         Talking with Your Child’s Other Parent
Each publication is four pages long and can be found by using the search term “divorce” at the Extension on-line store.  If you know someone who  might find these publications helpful, be sure to pass the information on to them.

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