Clover Kids

4-H Clover Kids

We are offer FOUR different Clover Kids Clubs for kindergartners to third graders! Kensett Clover Kids, Grafton Clover Kids and two after school Clover Kids programs to Northwood-Kensett students. Kindergarten through 1st grade programs will be held separately from 2nd and 3rd grade. Both will be held on Thursday nights just on separate nights. You are allowed to do BOTH the after-school Clover Kids and the Kensett & Grafton Clubs. The activities don’t overlap!

The main differences between the county clubs and after school clubs is that county meets once a month while after school meets once a month during the week. We hope you choose to do both or one or the other, our main goal is to be able to offer this great program to ALL youth!

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