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Tip of the Week is sent out via email every week by Sherry McGill, Education Director for Iowa State University Extension-Woodbury  County. If you would like to have the timely and informative tip emailed to you directly, please email Sherry at mcgills@iastate.edu.

Past tips


Topic: "It's About Time" TOW July 1, 2009

Topic: "Summer Can Bring Ticks" TOW June 23, 2009

Topic: "Mini Meals: Something to Munch on" TOW June 16, 2009

Topic: "Homemade Sports Drinks" TOW June 11, 2009

Topic: "Athletes and Fluids" TOW June 1, 2009

Topic: "Children Benefit from Time in Nature" TOW May 29, 2009

Topic: "Shop the Specials" TOW May 27, 2009

Topic: "Family  Time" TOW May 19, 2009

Topic: "Keep Your Marriage Strong in Stressful Times" TOW May 15, 2009

Topic: "Hearing Loss" TOW May 12, 2009

Topic: "Rid Yourself of the Blues" TOW April 27, 2009

Topic: "Celebrate Earth Day Every Day...Use Less Water" TOW April 22, 2009

Topic: "Don't Wait to Make Changes" TOW April 16, 2009

Topic: "Do the new 'green bags really keep food fresh" TOW April 6, 2009


Topic: "Prepare your vehicle before a winter storm strikes" TOW December 29, 2008

Topic: "Simplify your life" TOW December 18, 2008

Topic: "Stretching your food and gift dollars"  TOW December 15, 2008

Topic: "The Poinsettia" TOW December 10, 2008

Topic: "Think 'Green' for the holiidays"  TOW December 8, 2008

Topic:  "Selecting and caring for a popular holiday flower: the poinsettia" TOW December 1, 2008

Topic: "Head Lice" TOW November 3, 2008

Topic: "Building positive relationships with children" TOW October 27, 2008

Topic: "How to overwinter plants" TOW October 20, 2008

Topic: "Making Halloween Safe" TOW October 13, 2008

Topic: "Stress affects family relationships" TOW October 6, 2008

Topic: "Save Heating Dollars" TOW September 29, 2008

Topic: "Farm Safety on the Road" TOW September 22, 2008

Topic: "Harvesting and Storing of Winter Squash" TOW September 15, 2008

Topic: "Breakfast-A Healthy Habit" TOW September 10, 2008

Topic: "National Immunization Month Observed in August" TOW August 18, 2008

Topic: "Ways to Deal with Clutter" TOW August 11, 2008

Topic: "Pack it Light, Wear it Right" Backpacks Mean Chronic Back Pain TOW August 6, 2008

Topic: Managing through the back-to-school crunch time TOW July 21, 2008

Topic: Five tips to make traveling easier with children TOW July 14, 2008

Topic: Stay cool this summer while saving energy TOW July 7, 2008

Topic: What's Your Child's Behavior Style? TOW June 30, 2008

Topic: Why do I need to talk to my kids about money? Aren't they learning this in school? TOW-June 23, 2008

Topic: What You Can Do to Save Energy at Home and at Work TOW June 16, 2008

Topic: Flooding Concerns? June 9, 2008 

Topic: Exercise Motivation May 26, 2008

Topic: Master Gardeners Are Ready for Your Calls TOW May 19, 2008

Topic: Evaluate your Office Ergonomics TOW May 12, 2008

Topic: Use Caution When Labeling CDs/DVDs TOW May 5, 2008

Topic: Gardening Tips and Guidelines to Seasonal Chores TOW April 28, 2008

Topic: Tornado Warning TOW April 21, 2008

Topic: Watch vs. Warning TOW April 14, 2008

Topic: Smart Uses for Your Tax Refund TOW March 24, 2008

Topic: March-Nutrition Month TOW March 17, 2008

Topic: Coloring Easter Eggs TOW March 10, 2008

Topic:  Care of Spring-Flowering Bulbs TOW March 3, 2008

Topic: Giving props to ole Punxsutawney Phil and his buddies TOW February 18, 2008

Topic: Love is in the air-and so is a lot of other stuff TOW February 11, 2008

Topic: Watch that SPAM Email TOW January 28, 2008 

Topic: Assembling a Winter Survival Kit TOW January 21, 2008

Topic: Avoid Scholarship Don'ts TOW January 14, 2008

Topic: Attracting Birds to your Yard TOW January 7, 2008


Topic: Making Financial Changes in 2008 TOW December 31, 2007

Topic: Mistletoe TOW December 24, 2007

Topic: Maintaining Your Weight TOW December 17, 2007

Topic: The Poinsettia TOW December 10, 2007

Topic: Food Safety TOW December 3, 2007

Topic: Energy Saving Light Bulbs TOW November 21, 2007

Topic: Disposal of Medications TOW October 29, 2007

Topic: Tips for a Healthier Halloween TOW October 22, 2007

Topic: Changing Seasons in the Closet TOW October 15, 2007

Topic: Millipede Migration TOW October 8, 2007

Topic: Planting Fall Bulbs TOW October 1, 2007

Topic:Strategies for Tracking your Spending TOW September 24, 2007

Topic: Guidelines to Fall Chores  TOW September 17, 2007

Topic: Fertilizing Tips for a Healthy Lawn and Environment TOW September 10, 2007

Topic: Be Aware of Campus Credit Card Offers TOW September 4, 2007

Topic: Pack Food Safety with your Tailgate Party TOW August 19, 2007

Topic: Back-to-School Backpack Safety TOW August 12, 2007

Topic: Tips to Trim Back-to-School Costs TOW August 6, 2007

Topic: Families Extension Answer Line TOW July 23, 2007

Topic: Sports Nutrition Update TOW July 16, 2007

Topic: Summer Vacation Plans TOW July 9, 2007

Topic: Technology Etiquette TOW July 2, 2007

Topic: Family Communication TOW June 25, 2007

Topic: Helping kids develop healthful habits TOW June 17, 2007

Topic: Grade A Grilling TOW June 11, 2007 

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