Employment Opportunity: County Director

Job Description

The Woodbury County Extension Council exists to provide effective program leadership for Woodbury County Extension. The Woodbury County Extension County Director serves as a representative of the council providing administration and leadership for extension programming and support staff in the following areas:


  • Provide leadership for existing and new programs; coordinate directly some county programs/conferences
  • Offer comprehensive, complex, and research-based programming to meet county needs
  • Identify unmet needs of the county and initiate programming solutions and encourage interdisciplinary programming within Extension
  • Conduct and analyze needs assessments
  • Influence future program direction
  • Oversee education and communicate on program needs with program specialists using innovative and creative approaches to program development and delivery
  • Identify innovative ways to meet under-served and under-represented audiences
  • Maintain high level of marketing and visibility for programs
  • Consult with Regional Director on program needs for Woodbury County Extension


Community Involvement

  • Serve as the Council’s representative in the county
  • Establish, maintain and build positive relationships among key influencers, community/county leaders, and civic and community/county organizations
  • Establish, organize, and facilitate county networks and coalitions to build community capacity
  • Coordinate public relations activities with the media; elected local, county, state and federal representatives; and other government agencies and civic groups as appropriate to develop a positive image of Extension in Woodbury County.
  • Provide entrepreneurial leadership in Woodbury County to expand programming and impact
  • Provide leadership for county and regional projects. May be involved in multi-county projects and partnerships
  • Support and initiate strategies to develop volunteer networks
  • Cooperate and collaborate with local and county agencies to enhance community partnerships and services; work on new and existing program partnership


Supervision and Administration

  • Secure resources (staff, volunteers, contracts, grants, and gifts) to support identified needs at the county level. Look for and write grants, assist staff with writing grants and capital campaign.
  • Appropriately and efficiently administer resources- creating a budget for larger programs
  • Provide direction, supervision, leadership, and annual evaluation of county staff and initiate strategies for their professional development
  • Assist with budget development and staying within limits
  • Define the duties and recommend employment of staff under established EEO/AA plans of Iowa State University Extension and Woodbury County Extension
  • Maintain a positive working relationship with staff and clients in the county
  • Be Involved in extension policy and procedure development
  • Develop and maintain an efficient and responsive county office
  • Complete all extension reports when due
  • Oversee building maintenance and property management
  • Oversee equipment supplies and inventory balances
  • Use standard policies and procedures regarding county business operations and council relations


Council Collaboration

  • Report directly to and receive direction from the Woodbury County Extension Council with input from Regional Director
  • Meet regularly with Regional Director and Council to report progress and exchange needs and direction
  • Work with Council to develop long-term goals and strategic plans; and help identify, develop and implement programming priorities
  • Inform Council/ Regional Director of county projects and project outcomes


Personal/professional Development

  • Build and maintain relationships with professional organizations
  • Find other ways to continually develop and enhance relevant skills and understand current professional standards


Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree and 5 years of work experience with proven leadership.
  • Successful candidates will be expected to manage their schedules to satisfactorily meet the time requirements of the position including evening and weekend meetings.
  • Excellent computer and communication skills including ability to develop and convey a clear, concise message appropriate for the audience and work effectively with others, including the news media
  • Salaried position- exempt


Preferred Qualifications

  • Masters degree with additional years’ experience
  • Demonstrated record of establishing new programs
  • Successful contract and grant writing experience
  • Experience working cooperatively with boards and diverse groups
  • Background in 4-H programming for urban and rural audiences


How to Apply:

Email cover letter, resume and application (.docx) to: hewittm@iastate.edu

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