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2024 Fair Book


FairEntry Info for Families

FFA FairEntry Help Sheet

Use of the 4-H Clover

4-H National Headquarters Fact Sheet on Using the 4-H Name and Emblem It is no longer required to us "18 USC 707" to be part of the graphic for 4-H exhibits. Having "18 USC 707" does no harm.


4-H Affidavit and Statements

Building Exhibits

4-H members who enter exhibits in 4-H building, communications and clothing events will enter their exhibits in FairEntry.


Entries due July 15 in FairEntry

Other Information to Help you Prepare your 4-H Projects

The 4-H Static Exhibits Handbook will help you prepare your exhibits for fair.

This site includes:

  •     4-H Exhibits, Communications and Clothing Event Rules
  •     Photography Label - be sure it is the Feb. 2023 label that you are using
  •     Safe Frosting
  •     Foods for Iowa 4-H Quick Reference Guide
  •     4-H Exhibit Food Labels - for preserved foods and honey
  •     Use of Copyright and Trademark Material
  •     How to Use Pinterest
  •     Exhibit Tip Sheets
  •     4-H Poster Communication Exhibit Report Form

Endangered, Threatened and Special Concern plants and Animals

This is not new but has additional information. Endangered, threatened, and "special concern" plants and animals (including insects), or songbird feathers and nests may NOT be used in any exhibit. Game animals legally taken are acceptable, with the exception of any hogs (Sus species) - per State Law. Live specimens of noxious weeds or invasive species are NOT permitted in any exhibit. Dried specimens are acceptable to use in exhibits, however viable noxious/invasive plant seeds shall not be included. (Links to specific information below)

Thrifty Meal Challenge has new rule changes. For more information about this special challenge, please go to

Exhibit Tip Sheets

The Exhibit Tip Sheets will give you detailed information on what is required for each project area when exhibiting at the fair.

It will include elements of design and art principles information in those project areas that require that info.

Publications for Horticulture Exhibits

The Iowa 4-H Program just revised the Harvesting and Preparing Vegetables for Exhibit and Preparing Cut Flowers and Houseplants for Exhibits. There is a new Harvesting and Preparing Herbs for Exhibit.

Be sure to check them out if you plan to exhibit in county only horticulture. Be sure to read the rules in the fair book as the county rules might not always be the. same as in the publications 

Clothing Event

Clothing Event includes Fashion Revue, Clothing Selection, $20 Challenge and Innovative Design. Pre-judging will be held on Thursday, July 11, 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m., at the Woodbury County Extension Office.  Report forms are due in FairEntry on July 9, by 11:59 p.m.

4-H members need to fill out a 4-H Report Form for any of the classes in the Clothing Event. The Senior Report Form and Junior/Intermediate form can be found at: The forms are also included in FairEntry. A photo of the 4-H member in the outfit is required.

4-H members will model their outfits on Sunday, August 4, 2024. 

Entries and forms are entered in FairEntry.


Preparing for Fair

Strengthening Goal-Centered Learning in the Exhibit Experience

Design Elements and Art Principles

Elements and Principle of Design Publication 

Clothing Elements and Principles of Design Publication 

Home Improvement Elements and Principles of Design Publication

At the Fair