Women's Roles in Farm and Ranch Transition Planning Online Course

Course Overview

Transitioning the land to the next generation of farmers and ranchers is a major responsibility. Women’s Roles in Farm and Ranch Transition Planning was developed to introduce you to transition planning and give women of all ages specific action steps they can take. You will learn how to help move your farm or ranch business to the next generation whether family members or non-related business partners are involved.

The course is divided into 12 lessons. Each lesson has learning objectives, a video presentation, instructional factsheets and articles, activities and tools, and links to additional online resources. We've arranged the lessons in a logical order, but you may proceed through them in any order you wish. As you complete each lesson you will be eligible for a lesson badge to help you track your progress.

When you complete all 12 lessons, you will receive an electronic course badge you can add to your email signature or social media sites. You will also receive a certificate of completion via US postal mail.

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This course is still being developed. We now have Lessons 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 ready for you. Feel free to get started! 

For more information contact:  Madeline Schultz at schultz@iastate.edu.

Visit the Women in Ag Learning Network at www.extension.org/womeninag.