Women Managing Farmland

Women own 47% of all farmland acres and 55% of all leased acres in Iowa. As agriculture continues to evolve in the state, women are a driving force for long-term agricultural sustainability. This course gives women the knowledge and confidence to improve farmland leasing and access practices, adopt new conservation systems, and design more efficient land transitions to next generation farmers. Women will learn where to access research-based information to assist them in decision making. They’ll gain insights on how to improve communication around the farmland with family members, partners and tenants.

Cathy Ayers is a south central Iowa landowner.

The course includes important farmland management topics such as purposeful lease arrangements, how to create opportunities for local beginning famers, types of conservation practices and the costs and benefits of applying them, and preparing to transition land ownership to a new generation of farmers. The course is taught in the tradition of Annie’s Project and incorporates a comfortable and supportive learning environment. This is a 6-hour course, and the cost of participant registration is $75.00.