Women Managing Crops (Farm Management and Crops Teams)

Women own 47% of Iowa Farmland whether these landowners farm the acres themselves or lease out their land to other farmers, they are taking on increasing managerial roles. Other women are not land owners, but find themselves taking on many crop production roles. Still other women in rural Iowa just want to learn more about typical agronomic production and Iowa’s soil and water.

Two people discussing crops in a field.

This three-session course is designed for women of all ages and experience levels who want to know more about the key agronomic decisions for corn and soybean production. The sessions take a seasonal approach and cover decision making for pre-planting in week one, the growing phase in week two, and harvest in week three. This course is taught in the tradition of Annie’s Project and incorporates a comfortable and supportive learning environment. This is a 12-hour course and the cost of participant registration is $75.00.