Women in Ag Leadership Conference Intensive Workshops November 27

November 13, 2017

Monday, November 27 Pre-Conference Workshops

The Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Women in Ag Leadership Conference will begin Monday, November 27.  This optional pre-conference event includes the option of one of three intensive workshops, with networking opportunities throughout the day.

Choose from one of three intensive workshops:

Become a Cooperative Board Member: Cooperative organizations rely on members to lead the organization and to ensure its success. This session highlights the governance role in cooperatives - what it is, how it is accomplished - and explores ways in which women can engage to provide leadership in their cooperative and have an impact on its sustainability.

Discover Your Ag Leadership Strengths: Learn more about your natural leadership abilities and make connections between these innate talents and your leadership style. Join us in this interactive session to learn more about how your leadership abilities are enhanced through a greater understanding of your personal strengths. In order to maximize their learning experience, participants must complete the Gallup Strengths assessment and retain a copy of their strengths report prior to attending this workshop.

Bring Out the Leader in You: Agriculture and our rural communities need people who will follow their passion, build bridges and create positive change. Where do you want to make a difference? Work with others who want to build their leadership strengths to identify barriers standing in your way, and discover strategies to knock them down!

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