Winter Women in Ag Courses offer Variety

February 13, 2017

Winter Women in Ag Courses offer Variety

By Morgan Ball, Women in Ag Student Assistant 


Grain Class The winter Women in Ag courses have offered a variety of value. 

“The Women Managing Cattle series has been a great introduction to Iowa’s cattle industry, of which I know little about. The group of ladies in the class come with all levels of knowledge and experience. I’ve enjoyed learning not only from presenters, but also from the women in the room. One of my biggest takeaways from the class is all the thought that is put in by the farmers to feed cattle. Between working with their local vet and ISU researchers, farmers are able to give livestock the nutrition they need based on their purpose and stage of life," says Caitlyn Lamm, West Des Moines Women Managing Cattle participant. "There’s much more to it than just throwing some hay out there for them to eat,” she adds. 

Just like there is much more to feeding cattle, there is much more to our farm businesses.

Many Iowa farm women have made continuous education a priority this winter. The number of scheduled Women in Ag courses doubled from last year, confirming the need for program development.

So far this year we have offered nine courses including: Annie’s Project: Farm Business Management; Managing for Today and Tomorrow: Transition Planning; Women Managing Cattle; Women Managing Crops; and Women Managing Grain.

By offering courses that focus on risk management, transition planning and operational focus, programs can meet the needs of each individual business operated by our 150 winter participants. 

Through our winter courses and online networks we have encouraged women in agriculture to increase their knowledge and take important actions towards improving their lives and enhancing Iowa agriculture.

 “I thought Annie’s Project was great! We received some great tools and information just in the first night. I thought both speakers did a great job. The colors presentation was such a great ice breaker and I think it got everyone a little more familiar with the people there. I actually had the staff at my job complete it yesterday morning after a staff meeting! Such a good tool,” says an Allamakee Annie’s Project participant.

The mission of Women in Ag is to improve the quality of life in Iowa by providing research-based educational programs that expand agricultural enterprise, improve natural resource management, and support the community of women in agriculture.  The Iowa women we serve include farmers, agribusiness leaders, community volunteers, family communicators, and decision makers.

The success of winter classes can be credited to the women who have invested their time and energy into a Women in Ag course. These women graduate feeling motivated, knowledgeable, and connected as they head back to enhance their business.

Picture Credit: Valerie Plagge

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