There Are No Glass Ceilings

October 19, 2017

There Are No Glass Ceilings

By Madeline McGarry, ISU Women in Ag Student Assistant

Diane Young

Diane Young, Owner and Director of Technical Services for Foundation Analytical Laboratory, will be hosting a general session during the Women in Ag Leadership Conference on Nov. 28, 2017.


When thinking of agriculture, many people will often turn to the trademark visions of livestock farms and rolling cornfields. But behind those signature operations is the science responsible for their functionality.


“You do not necessarily have to be a farmer to be in agriculture,” Young said.


Women make up nearly 47% of the United States’ collective workforce. However, only 25.8% of those who are employed within the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) field are women.


The Iowa State University graduate in microbiology and animal science will be addressing the concept of “glass ceilings” - the idea that women face implicit hurdles when working to advance their career. Young believes that this idea only serves to be a mental barrier for women.  “There’s really only glass ceilings if we put them there. If you are looking for one, you will find one,” Young said.


In 2009, Young founded the Foundation Analytical Laboratory in Cherokee, Iowa with the objective of bringing the “hard working Iowa farm kid culture” and customer service values to the industry. While sharing her personal career story with attendees, Young looks to encourage women to pursue the multitude of opportunities that exist within the ag industry.