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Our Commitment to Women in Ag

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach expanded its commitment to serving and connecting with women in agriculture. The new ISUEO “Women in Agriculture” program began July 1, 2015 and builds on the success of the Annie’s Project: Farm Business Management courses. Over the next five years...


Plan of Work Activities

The ISU Extension and Outreach Women in Agriculture partners plan our work together to expand educational opportunities and connect women in agriculture. Campus staff, field staff, county staff, and partners outside of the university, all contribute to the success of this program. Our plans of work and activities include ...  


Women Around the World

October 19, 2017


               Recently, Iowa State University Women in Ag was invited to assist in hosting 8 women visiting from Nigeria.  A grant was found by ISU professor, Dr. Ebby Luvaga, from the Cochran Fellowship Program.  The Cochran Fellowship Program was created to give short-term training in the United States to agriculture professionals from foreign nations.  Dr. Luvaga mentioned that she is always excited to work with women from Africa and jumped at the chance to bring the women to Iowa.  Online applications and a personal interview where the women had to justify their seat in the program and show passion for agriculture, along with data proving their willingness to pursue agriculture upon returning to Nigeria qualified 8 women for the program. 

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