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Women in Agriculture: Farms, Operations, and Demographics for Iowa and Counties

April 10, 2016

Among Iowa’s counties, four (Ad­ams, Dickinson, Ida, Montgomery) had fewer than 170 women as farm operators. In contrast, Clayton, Delaware, Linn, Warren, and Win­neshiek each recorded more than 600 women farm operators. Statewide, women made up 25.0 percent of all reported farm oper­ators. Counties in northwest Iowa tended to have the lowest propor­tions of women farm operators. Thirty percent or more of all farm operators were women in Decatur, Jefferson, Lucas, Polk, Warren, and Winneshiek Counties. Among all of Iowa’s farms, 35.4 percent reported at least one woman farm operator.

This fascinating data and more was gathered and reported on by Sandra Burke, Senior Researcher with the Iowa State University Community Vitality Center. Women in Agriculture webinar March 22 2016.pdf