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Annie's Project: Linda's Story

Linda Guy manages the business operations for her family’s farm management company. Linda had a prior career, then moved to her family operation. She took Annie’s Project so she could learn about the business aspect of the family farm operation. 


An Inspiring Beginning Farmer: Sara Shepherd

Update on Sara - March 1, 2016

Sara Shepherd has come a long way since taking her first Annie's Project class in the winter of 2013 and then helping us share her story with the summer of 2013 video. She's taken several Iowa State University Extension and Outreach farm management courses and even become a member of the Adair County Extension Council.  As a beginning farmer, Sara has made several key decisions and charted a course for a successful future.


Annie's Project in Iowa

January 18, 2018

Annie's Project was founded by Ruth Hambleton in 2003.  In Iowa, we hosted our first Annie's Project class in Washington County in 2004!

Beginning January 29, 2018, ISU Women in Ag will host the 100th Annie's Project class in Fort Dodge, Iowa.  The class is being lead by Kelvin Leibold, an ISU Extension and Outreach Area Farm Management Field Specialist.  Hear more on the history of Annie's Project and see what we offer for classes in Iowa.