Roxi Beck Keynote Address and Breakout Speaker

November 13, 2017

Roxi Beck - Keynote Address

Explaining Agriculture to Eaters: Three Simple Steps

Roxi Beck is active on the speaking circuit and is a trusted advisor to food system thought leaders. Beck helps audiences think differently about earning trust. In this keynote address, learn strategies to improve communication with consumers, and how to cut out conflict and develop more effective conversations with "eaters" of all types.

In addition to presenting the keynote address, Beck will offer a concurrent session; Explaining Agriculture to Eaters: Making It Real. The content of the keynote presentation and the interactive aspects of the breakout session will serve to complement each other. Roxi will lead her interactive workshop that gets you thinking about how to communicate with "eaters" #IRL (in real life). You'll laugh and have ah-has and walk away with immediately usable, practical skills to communicate more effectively than you did when you walked into the room.

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