Plan of Work Activities

The ISU Extension and Outreach Women in Agriculture partners plan our work together to expand educational opportunities and connect women in agriculture. Campus staff, field staff, county staff, and partners outside of the university, all contribute to the success of this program. We strive to continuously improve the research-based educational programming we offer for women in agriculture audiences.  

1. Key programming activities:

     a. Organize and offer local courses, special events, peer groups, and on-line learning for women in ag.

     b. Research and design best educational practices for women in ag.

     c. Develop new curricula based on emerging needs and interests of women in ag (such as soil and water quality and animal agriculture).

     d. Maintain high quality Annie’s Project and other farm management courses in Iowa.

     e. Monitor quality through a robust program evaluation system involving both women in ag and educators.

2. Key communication activities:

     a. Engage women in ag through online social networking.

     b. Share success stories about women in ag.

     c. Energize ISUEO Women in Agriculture branding and market programs across the state.

     d. Research women in ag statistics, roles, and preferences; develop advisory committees. 

     e. Grow our partnerships with those outside of the university and further develop ourselves as trusted partners.

     f. Monitor stakeholder satisfaction through satisfaction surveys and numbers of   connections.

3. Key capacity-building activities:

     a. Bring the best minds together for teamwork, collaboration and program innovation.

     b. Drive vision and strategy for women in ag programming.

     c. Guide professional development to inspire, mentor, and develop leadership skills for working with women in ag.  

     d. Enhance satisfaction of team members. Improve work efficiency and team results.

     e. Monitor professional capacity improvements and the level of team innovation.

4. Key financial stewardship activities:

     a. Report program costs, results and public value annually.

     b. Manage our expenses and accounting procedures for wise use of funds according to established priorities.

     c. Leverage university and USDA funding by partnering with industry. Develop and maintain long-term funding relationships.

     d. Monitor financial performance and public value of this program.