New Opportunities for Women Managing Farmland - Webinar Series Begins February 8

Cathy Ayers is a south central Iowa landowner.

A new bi-monthly webinar series addresses several topics women farmland owners are interested in. The series is presented over the noon hour and is free and open to everyone. Click here to register for one or more of the CARE Women Landownership Series webinars.

Melissa O'Rourke

Melissa O’Rourke, ISU Farm and Agribusiness Management Specialist, will present the first webinar on the importance of using a written lease. When agreements are in writing, the parties are much more likely to cover all the provisions intended, from the financial terms to respective duties of the parties.

The webinar series includes the following topics:

Importance of Using a Written Lease - February 8th with Melissa O’Rourke

Building Your Professional Team - April 12th with Kitt Tovar Jensen

Keeping the Ground Covered - June 14th with Catherine DeLong

Landowner-Tenant Communications - August 9th with Melissa O’Rourke

End-of-Life Taxes and Expenses - October 11th with Kitt Tovar Jensen  

Slowing Water Down - December 13th with Catherine DeLong

The selected topics are based on the results of the Iowa Women Landowner survey. You can read more about the survey results here:

Journal Article: Survey Increases Understanding of Iowa Women Farmland Owners