Meet Pam Bolin - Panel speaker for Iowa State University Women in Ag Leadership Conference

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Women in Ag Leadership Conference

Meet Pam Bolin - Panelist


Pam Bolin

Pam Bolin will be speaking with a panel of women about Balancing Roles in the Family, On the Farm, Off the Farm, and In the Community on November 28, 2017 at the Women in Ag Leadership Conference in Ames, Iowa. 

With her diverse roles on the farm in the past and today, as well as being involved in her community and raising three sons, Pam has had ample experience in balance.  She believes in the need to balance your life to survive, or you’ll get caught up in trying to do everything. 

“Balance comes from allowing others to help you sometimes,” Pam advises.  “To lead a successful, happy life, you need to choose what is important to you and go after it, and learn to delegate what you can.” 

Pam Bolin has been dairy farming with her husband Dave for nearly 40 years in Eastern Iowa.  Pam served for 26 years on the Swiss Valley Farms co-op board, the last eight as chairman, and remains the only woman to ever serve on the board.  Currently, she serves Iowa dairy farmers at the state, regional, and national level.  Outside of the farm, Pam and Dave have served as coaches for both 4-H dairy judging and quiz bowl, and she leads kids time at church every Sunday, in addition to volunteering as a VBS teacher and youth group leader. 

Being a woman in ag isn’t always easy, and you’ll always face challenges.  You’ve got to find your passion and go after it. 

“People will notice your passion before they notice if you’re a guy or a girl,” said Pam.

Being very passionate herself, Pam has chased what is most important to her, and has been a successful leader in diverse ways. 


Today, Pam and Dave help their son Dan and his wife Lynn carry on the dairy farm tradition, where they milk 140 cows.  Pam is active on the farm, mainly taking care of the young calves, and spends any free time she can with her nine grandchildren.  

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