Marketing Internship Provides Valuable Experience for Student Assistant Cora Carpenter

September 29, 2020

 Interning in the Time of a Global Pandemic
Summer internships are always a great way for students, like me, to gain experiences in their interested area of study. As I begin my senior year at Iowa State, I am grateful to have had three different internship experiences. This past summer I was the U.S. Dairy Marketing and Communications Intern for STgCora, Headshotenetics. STgenetics is a world-wide leader in sexed sorted semen and genomic testing.
 Although my summer ended up looking much different than the original job description, I am grateful for the 13 weeks I got to spend working for STgenetics. During my summer experience, I was able to learn new programs such as InDesign and Illustrator to create content for the company to share with other employees and customers. I also spent time sending out monthly promotions and keeping track of the company’s merchandise inventory.
The largest portion of my summer internship experience was doing market research. Since I have not spent much time doing market research, this was a whole new experience for me. I worked on tracking the price of beef on dairy animals that were sold at auction across all of the United States. Tracking market prices, as many know, is a project that must be done at least daily. Many dairy producers have begun making the transition of using beef semen on a specific bottom percentile of their herd. This is to help keep dairy heifer populations down and increasing the high-quality genetics in the upper percentile dairy cattle. Through my research, I discovered that purchasing sexed male beef semen to use in dairy cows can be more profitable for farmers.
Through the changes COVID-19 brought, I was still able to gain many skills and experiences through my summer internship. Although I had to work from home for about half of the summer, I was still able to go into the Middleton office and work alongside several employees of the company’s genomics lab. Genetic Visions, as the lab is called, is on the front lines of all the new technology in the genomics world and a highlight of my summer was learning from some of the best experts in the industry. STgenetics is headquartered in Navasota, Texas. Although I was not able to travel to the headquarters, technology allowed me to have several meetings and network with staff from across the nation, and that I am grateful for.