Iowa Heartbeat of the Farm: Human Resource Management 2015

 Human Resource Management 2015




Project Summary:


The heartbeat of every farm business is the people involved. Whether the focus is on family or non-family partners and employees,

farm women must increasingly manage human resource risks for business growth and success.

Main Objectives

The objectives of the course were to teach women effective strategies on the key human resource topics of:

1) Labor supply, recruitment and laws;

2) Family and farm business relationships;

3) Employee supervision and retention; and

4) Health, stress and safety.


Four 12-hour multi-session courses were piloted throughout Iowa in 2015. Educators focused the learning by covering one key

topic during each of four weeks. The Research Institute for Studies in Education at Iowa State University conducted third-party

evaluation of the course. Data aggregated from the four classes were analyzed with pre- and post-course survey comparisons.


The course effectively increased participant knowledge and the number of human resource management practices taken on their

farms. Extension educators have an important role in teaching farm women to manage human resource risks.