Engaging a Skeptical Public with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Women in Ag Leadership Conference

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Women in Ag Leadership Conference

Engaging a Skeptical Public - Roxi Beck

Roxi BeckAs part of the Women in Ag inaugural Leadership Conference, Roxi Beck, Vice President of Center for Food Integrity and Look East, will present the keynote address entitled “Winning in Complex Conversations.”

In addition, Beck will offer a concurrent session: “Engaging a Skeptical Public.” The content of the keynote presentation and the interactive aspects of the breakout session will serve to complement each other.

Although everyone is an “eater,” Beck will work to bridge the gap between consumer perceptions and the reality of the agricultural production industry.

“The consumer population has a lot of questions for people in agriculture, and we have to stop being dismissive of the perceptions of modern agriculture,” Beck said.

The sessions will allow attendees to understand how to engage in conversation with consumers, address difficult topics and questions, and experience their share of “a-ha” moments. Attendees will walk away from the session “empowered and equipped to leave the room with skills that allow them to have meaningful conversations about agriculture,” Beck said.

Beck hopes to aspire the audience to become “100% more confident” in their communication skills, and expects the message to resonate with attendees of all backgrounds, from farmers, to agribusiness professionals, to students.

The keynote address will precede the general session, “There Are No Glass Ceilings,” hosted by Diane Young, Director of Technical Services and Owner of Foundation Analytical Laboratories.

The full conference agenda can be viewed here.