Descriptions of Online Women in Ag Farm Management Courses

Investing for Farm Families

This online class gives farm families the information they need to make strategic decisions while weaving together farm and personal investments. Developed by Extension educators across the nation, the 8-lesson course helps farm families plan for a financially stable future that meets long-term needs. Participants can work at their own pace. Expected learning outcomes include: increased future financial security, identified investment strategies, knowledge of asset allocation basics, and evaluation of non-agriculture investment alternatives. Investing for retirement and farm succession planning.



Women’s Roles in Farm and Ranch Transition Planning

Women in agriculture are at the heart of the family and the farm or ranch business. They have unique roles in bringing together farm or ranch family members or non-related business partners to plan for the future. When it comes to generational transition, the key word is “planning.” It often takes many years, sometimes many generations, plus a lot of hard work and sacrifice, to build a productive farm or ranch business. Transferring that business to the next generation takes hard work, too. The overall transfer process is easier when broken down into several more manageable planning tasks over a period of time. This course describes important management tasks or steps in the transition planning process. This 10-lesson course teaches women about transition planning and offers management tools and activities to achieve farm business goals.