Descriptions of Current Women in Ag Farm Management Courses

Annie’s Project - Education for Farm Women (18 hours - $75.00)

Annie’s Project is the agricultural business education program that empowers farm and ranch women who want to be more knowledgeable about their agricultural enterprises. Women learn best with and from other women, and Annie’s Project takes advantage of that fact by creating a comfortable and supportive learning environment focused the best farm business management practices. Course participants will learn effective strategies to make good decisions in five key management areas including financial, human resources, legal, marketing, and production topics.

Heartbeat of the Farm: Human Resource Management (12 hours - $75.00)

The heartbeat of every farm business is the people involved. This course is designed to empower farm women to improve working relationships with both family and non-family partners and employees. Women will become more knowledgeable on effective strategies to manage human resources in the areas of employee supply, recruitment and law; family and farm business communication; employee supervision and retention; and health, stress and well-being. The course is taught in the tradition of Annie’s Project and incorporates a comfortable and supportive learning environment.

Managing for Today and Tomorrow: Transition Planning (15 hours - $75.00)

The decisions made during business, estate, retirement, and succession planning are combined to form a farm transition plan. Planning ensures the farm can continue to the next generation as a productive agricultural business. This course is taught in the tradition of Annie’s Project and incorporates a comfortable and supportive learning environment. Course participants of all ages and experience levels will be empowered to confidently set goals, nurture effective family or non-family conversations, and define the farm legacy.

Women Managing Beef Cattle (12 hours - $75.00)

More farm women in Iowa raise beef cattle than any other type of livestock or poultry. While 85% of Iowa beef farms market less than 100 head annually, the profitability of the cow/calf herd or beef feedlot impacts family finances significantly. Whether women just want to learn more about Iowa’s beef industry, or need to find more profitability from their family cattle business, this course offers something for everyone. Sessions cover marketing strategies and managing land and water resources. Women will discuss the challenges in bringing calves to market and calculate the true costs of production. Tools and resources will be provided to help women consider important management decisions.

Women Managing Farm Finances (12 hours - $75.00)

In today’s challenging farm economy, it is essential to understand farm finances. Course participants will discover their attitudes towards money and compare farm record keeping systems. Women will learn how balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow budgets are put together. Women will explore the concepts of managerial accounting and practice using financial statements to analyze the farm business. Women Managing Farm Finances incorporates interactive learning with case studies, quizzes, and activities while allowing time for discussion and questions. The course is taught in the tradition of Annie’s Project and incorporates a comfortable and supportive learning environment.

(NEW!) Women Managing Horses (12 hours - $75.00)

This course offers women an opportunity to learn more about Iowa’s equine industry from a business and production perspective. Horses, ponies, mules, and donkeys are an important part of Iowa’s agricultural economy and landscape. As horse owners and business managers, women make important decisions about the equine in their care. Sessions cover financial documentation and breakeven analysis, equine insurance, annual horse health care plans, evaluation of feed rations, marketing your equine business, environmental management, and land use decisions. 

Women Marketing Grain (12 hours - $75.00)

With unpredictable crop prices and tight margins, marketing can make the difference in the profitability of corn and soybean production. How well farmers get paid for a year’s worth of work can be wrapped up in just a few marketing decisions. In this course, women will learn how to manage price risk using tools like forward contracts, futures and options contracts, alterative marketing contracts, and crop insurance. Participants will work in a computer lab to access online decision tools and to develop a marketing plan. Women will learn market strategies and how to stay on track for long term marketing success.

Women Planning Ag Businesses (18 hours - $75.00)

This course is for women interested in starting or growing a farm business. Through careful planning, women can improve their business success and profitability. The course will guide participants in developing a farm business plan. Along the way, women will access importance resources and network with other women seeking to start or grow their farm business, or to transition it to a new generation. The course is applicable to traditional commodity production as well as small-scale, niche, direct-marketing, and agritourism farm businesses. The course is taught in the tradition of Annie’s Project and incorporates a comfortable and supportive learning environment.


Courses Not Available at This Time

Women Leasing Land (9 hours - $75.00)

this course covers factors that influence rental rates, written contract, decision making tools, land use and conservation options, and leaseholder relationships. 

Women Managing Crops (12 hours - $75.00)

Women own 47% of Iowa farmland whether these landowners farm the acres themselves or lease out their land to other farmers, they are taking on increasing managerial roles. Other women are not land owners, but find themselves taking on many crop production roles. Still other women in rural Iowa just want to learn more about typical agronomic production and Iowa’s soil and water. This three-session course is designed for women of all ages and experience levels who want to know more about the key agronomic decisions for corn and soybean production. The sessions take a seasonal approach and cover decision making for pre-planting in week one, the growing phase in week two, and harvest in week three.

Women Managing Dairy Cattle (12 hours - $75.00)

This course addresses feed, labor and facility decisions. Topics include production systems, water and manure regulations, marketing plans, risk protection, costs and profitability.