Becoming a Servant Leader with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Women in Ag Leadership Confrerence

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Women in Ag Leadership Conference

Becoming a Servant Leader - Alyssa Johnston

Alyssa JohnstonAlyssa Johnston, Leadership Training Manager for the Iowa Corn Growers Association, will be holding a session on “Becoming a Servant Leader” as part of the Women in Ag inaugural Leadership Conference on Tuesday Nov. 28.

The session will allow attendees to learn the ten characteristics of a servant leader, see examples of leaders and organizations who have been successful in utilizing servant leadership, and work to understand how this practice can benefit farm operations and the agriculture industry.

“A servant-leader focuses primarily on the growth and well-being of people and the communities to which they belong,” Johnston said. “Servant leaders can have successful farm operations and make a positive impact on the community and agriculture industry.”

The University of Nebraska alum is looking forward to contributing to the conference, and is confident that the event will serve to benefit women in agriculture.

“This is a great opportunity for women to network and become inspired to be strong leaders for the agriculture industry,” Johnston said.

The concurrent session will take place following a networking luncheon. Information about the conference can be found here.