2019 Leadership Conference - Keynote Speaker Amy te Plate-Church

Meet Keynote Speaker Amy te Plate-Church

For Amy te Plate-Church, animaMeet Keynote Speaker Amy te Plate-Churchl agriculture is foundational to her upbringing, college experiences and a career spanning 25 years. Her personal purpose is to enrich farming and food production – specifically to help build trust and maintain freedom to operate for modern agriculture – and she lives this purpose through her role as a communication strategist with the public relations firm, Look East. Day-in and day-out, Amy works with agribusinesses and farm groups to create and carry out trust-building strategies, with focus on sustainability, social responsibility and adoption of new technologies. She is passionate about volunteering with causes she cares about, including ag advocacy, youth development and education. Through the grassroots organization, Dairy Girl Network, Amy has led a team to develop and offer the Inspire mentor program for dairy women across the U.S. While Amy has lived in Wisconsin for 20 years, she’s an Iowan by birth and in heart. Her family dairy farm near Cresco in northeast Iowa is operated today by her parents, brother and sister-in-law. She’s a mother of two teenagers, an Iowa 4-H alumni, a graduate of Iowa State University with degrees in Dairy Science and Ag Journalism, and a passionate Iowa State sports fan.