Food Preservation 101: Introduction Course for Home Food Preservation

ISU Extension and Outreach in Winneshiek County plans Food Preservation 101 Workshop for June 6.
Preserving the bounty of your garden harvest each fall can lead to enjoying the fruits of your labor all winter long.  It’s important to keep food safety in mind every step of the way. Home food preservation is not difficult but it does require following specific directions exactly.  Always use tested recipes and directions from a reliable source.  Ignoring recommended procedures can result in home canned products that will make you and your family very ill.  Jill Weber, ISU Extension Human Sciences Specialist, is offering a Food Preservation 101 workshop at the Winneshiek County Extension office on Thursday June 6 from  6:00-7:30PM.  The workshop is intended for those wanting to learn how to safely preserve food and will also serve as a good refresher for those who have experience preserving food.  The workshop will cover canning, freezing, and drying. 
Participants will receive current food preservation publications and be able to view additional research based resources, and canning equipment will be on display. 
If you are using a pressure canner for your home canning, it is important to have the dial gauge checked each season before you begin using it.  Canner lids will be tested at the session, all that is needed is the lid and dial gauge.  Weighted gauges remain accurate and do not need to be tested.  Low acid vegetables need to be pressure canned.  Vegetables such as green beans canned at home require pressure canning.  Beans canned in a boiling water canner are not safe.  They may look fine coming out of the canner, but may turn cloudy and jars may pop open, even sometimes with force. 
ISU Extension publications are available at
Please be safe when canning foods for you and your family! Knowledge and recommendations change over time with scientific developments.  You should use up-to-date recommendations and methods and not just rely on practices of past generations.
To register for the Home Food Preservation workshop call the Winneshiek County Extension office at 563-382-2949 by Monday June 3.  There is no charge for the workshop, but registration is required so adequate supplies are available.

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