Fall 2018 Walking and Biking School Buses

Walking School Buses (WSB) are a great way for TK-2nd graders to make friends and stay active!  Safe Routes to School (SRTS) will be offering several WSB opportunities this school year (see attached map).
Walking School Bus Info and Map
The Biking Club is a fun way to get out on the bike trail before and after school on the Wednesdays in September! Students bike with an adult volunteer from Freeport Park or the corner of Rural Ave./Ridgewood Dr. to school in the morning and then bike back after school. If a student can’t make it in the morning but can in the afternoon (or vice versa), that’s alright…just let us know! Those interested in joining the Biking Club need to register by noon on August 31st
Biking Club Info and Map

To sign your child up for the Biking Club any of the WSB routes, express interest in starting a new route location, or to learn about volunteer opportunities, please contact SRTS Coordinator April Bril at abril@uerpc.org or 563-382-6171 ASAP or check out our NEW Facebook Group: Decorah Walking and Biking School Bus Program.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1887269538024845/

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