4-H at Home: While you're off school for Covid-19

Hello 4-H'ers!
We're thinking of you while out of school and want to provide you with resources, inspiration, and fun things to do! We will be sharing content through Facebook and the 4HOnline system with emails.
A few things to keep in mind:

  • Follow our Facebook page and invite others to "Like" our page too!
  • When on our page, click "Following" to update your settings so you see us first in your news feed.
  • Write a post or snap a picture to encourage others!
  • Encourage others not on Facebook to check emails for ideas and challenges too.

If youre kids are at home and have access to email, please forward the message to them!
Keep an eye out for new challeges, links and more! We will continue to update this story.
Visit the Fair page for goal sheets and other forms https://www.extension.iastate.edu/winneshiek/content/winneshiek-county-4-h-and-ffa-fair-information

March 19

Today's 4-H at Home comes to you from IOWA 4-H!
We will also be sharing fun and exciting ideas from colleagues from around the state to our page! Check out the link below for the 4-H At Home learning resources!

March 18, 2020

Do you like being outdoors? You can become the ultimate explorer by designing your own outdoor adventure!

  • Develop a presentation showing how to set up and take down a tent (even in the rain!)
  • Present on Cooking Outdoors
  • Develop a workshop that shows others how to make knots
  • Create a display or notebook to share common wildlife and plants that you could encounter while camping in your county
  • Investigate and present on safety measures if you were to get lost or caught out in a storm
This content and more found on the Iowa 4-H Outdoor Adventures Project Area page.
March 17, 2020
Today's 4-H at Home Challenge: Photography Bingo
Courtesy of Cody, Bremer County's Youth Coordinator
Photography is one of our most participated in classes at the county fair. This 4-H project is designed to help you explore the world of photography. From learning about camera equipment to creating great images and sharing what you have learned with others, you are bound to love photography! Click for the Photography Bingo Cards!

March 16, 2020
The first 4-H at Home Challenge: Make a Snack!
Using cook books from home or online resources like "Spend Smart. Eat Smart," create a snack for you and those at home with you! https://spendsmart.extension.iastate.edu/recipes/
Find more recipes you might like to try? Plan a menu or help with cooking lunch or supper.

Through our 4-H at Home series, I encourage you to think about these ideas as 4-H exhibits. What is your goal?
Check out our 4-H Exhibit Goal Sheet: 4-H Exhibit Goal Sheet.
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