2020 4-H/FFA Achievement Auction

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June 26, 2020

Dear Winneshiek County 4-H/FFA Livestock Auction Buyers,
We thank you for your past support of the Winneshiek County 4-H/FFA Livestock Auction. We are working very hard to include an auction this year, while still respecting the health and safety of our participants and auction buyers, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For this year only, we will conduct a virtual online achievement auction. The bidding opens Saturday, July 18th at 10:00 AM and closes Monday, July 20th at 5:00 PM.
Each livestock exhibitor is limited to one online auction entry, or “lot”. Exhibitors will be listed in alphabetical order. All Grand Champions and Reserve placings will be noted on the lot heading. Each lot can include some or all the following species and is not limited to market animals within these species: beef, dairy, meat goat, dairy goat, poultry, rabbit, sheep and swine. Photos and additional information will be posted on the online auction website located at: www.sweeneyauctionservice.com, by Tuesday, July 7th.
We know not everyone can be the winning bidder but may still want to contribute, so there is an opportunity to give a donation. Listed after the exhibitor lots, you will find donation lots in the amounts of $25, $50 and $100. Follow the instructions to give a donation at these levels. All donations received will be split up amongst the participating exhibitors. However, you will have the opportunity to specify if you'd like your donation to go to a specific exhibitor.
You will need to register on the auction site, but you WILL NOT pay online. Although you will receive an emailed invoice from Sweeney Auction Service, please send all payments to ISU Extension & Outreach, Winneshiek County, 325 Washington Street, Suite B, Decorah, IA 52101. Payments are due by August 20, 2020.
PLEASE NOTE – This is an achievement auction only. The purpose of this auction is to recognize the hard work and accomplishments of 4-H/FFA youth with their livestock projects. If the exhibitor wishes to sell their animal(s) for harvest, it is the responsibility of the exhibitor and/or buyer to contact each other. Please see the insert below, for further details.
On behalf of the 4-H/FFA Youth in Winneshiek County we THANK YOU for your continued support of our livestock auction and truly appreciate your understanding and flexibility during these challenging times.
PLEASE NOTE – If the exhibitor wishes to sell their animal(s) for harvest, it is the responsibility of the exhibitor and/or buyer to contact each other.
There will be no loadout process this year. Transportation of the animal, locker availability, etc. are the responsibility of the exhibitor and the buyer. Not all exhibitors will be selling the animals represented in the virtual online Achievement Auction. Please contact exhibitors for details.
There is limited space at area lockers for Winneshiek County Fair animals. When calling, please state this is a Winneshiek County Fair animal.
If you are planning to resell livestock, there will be some places available to take those animals. Please contact them in advance, for availability. Please remember to be patient and kind. Their industry is under pressure, much like many Iowans are experiencing because of COVID-19.
Decorah Sales Commission                   Jesse Massman            cattle, sheep, goats       (563) 382-4203 or ( 563) 382-4204
NE Iowa Sale Commission, Waukon      Gary Whittle                  cattle, sheep, goats       (563) 568-4501
Lanesboro Sales Commission, Inc         Joe Nelson                    cattle, sheep, goats       (507) 467-2192
Lloyd Yocum                                           Phil or Lloyd Yocum      sheep, goats                  (507) 951-9878
Dave Njus                                               Dave Njus                     sheep, goats                  (641) 330-8234
Lynch Livestock Inc, Waucoma              Lowell                            swine                             (563) 422-1793
Decorah NFO                                         Gary Bakken                  Cattle                            (563) 380-3354
If you are planning on purchasing an animal(s) that will require processing, we have some lockers willing to take those animals. They would appreciate buyers contacting them ahead of time, so they are sure to have room for the livestock. Below is a list of the lockers and their contacts. Again, please remember to be empathetic and caring; they are experiencing similar pressures as are many Iowans, because of COVID-19.

Jets Meat Processing, Waukon      563-568-2403      beef, hogs, sheep, goats       Andy
Polashek’s Locker, Protivin            563-569-8774      beef, hogs, sheep, goats       Adam
Our reservations with Polashek’s Locker are currently full.
Wadena Locker, Wadena               563-774-2725      beef, hogs                             Tony
Additionally, here is a list of lockers we have not contacted, but who may be available.
Elma Locker, Elma                         641-393-2287      beef, hogs, sheep                 Roger
Oak Meadow Meats, Harmony      507-886-6328      beef, hogs, sheep, goats      Michael

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