Volunteer Resources

Interested in Becoming a New Volunteer in Winnebago County?

It is very important that you become acquainted with the Winnebago County Extension Office and staff as you prepare to begin your journey as a 4-H volunteer.  Your first step will be to contact the County Youth Director by emailing engstler@iastate.edu or by calling the Winnebago County Extension Office at 641-584-2261.

After you have made contact with the County Youth Director you will have a meeting at the extension office to discuss how you would like to volunteer for the program. You might be interested in helping to put on a project workshop, chaperone an event, or even start your own club.  Once you have discussed with the County Youth Educator what type of volunteer role you'd like to fill, they will get you started on the appropriate processes to ensure that the proper Child Protection and Risk Management procedures can be completed.

Once you have met the staff, chosen a volunteer role, and began the Child Protection Process, you'll want to enroll yourself as a 4-H volunteer in the online 4-H database.  (Click here for a link to the 4-H Online Database.)  If your family is new to Iowa 4-H you'll need to select the option to create a new profile.  If you or your children have been involved in Iowa 4-H in the past 5 years you already have a family profile.  If you have difficulty logging into your profile, or can't remember your password, feel free to contact the extension office for assistance.

Volunteering with Iowa 4-H