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Call the Winnebago County Extension Office if you would like to contact one of the 4-H leaders listed below.

641-584-2261 or toll free at 1-888-408-6606

Forest Everreadies

Forest City area

Leader(s): Renee Soreson, Cindy Dontje

Grant Gleaners

Buffalo Center area

Leader(s): Janelle Murray, Jodi Adams

Logan Loganeers

Lake Mills area

Leader(s): Robin Charlson

Sewing Club

Specialty club

Leader(s): Mary Walk 

Shooting Sports Club

Specialty Club

Leader(s): Gus Marmaras, Betsy Marmaras

More Information

A Shooting Sports Club is underway in Winnebago County for boys and girls in grades 4-12. It includes archery, shotgun, and air rifle.

Eventually youth can attend competitions if they desire, but the main objective is to have fun, learn responsible firearm and archery safety, learn outdoor skills, develop leadership and team building skills and will make new friends along the way.

Volunteers are also needed to become a 4-H Certified Shooting Sports Instructor. 

Contact the Winnebago County Extension Office if interested in joining or becoming a volunteer. Call 584-2261 or toll free at 1-888-408-6606.

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