February 2013 addition

Neck freezers, disgorging and dosing machines, liquor mixers, semi-automatic corking and wire-hooding machines:


March 2011

Encapsulated yeast for second fermentation:

Scott Laboratories

Approximate price: $182/kg (700-1000 bottles/kg)

Heavy duty manual crown capper (26 and 29 mm capacity):

Napa Fermentation Supply - Approximate price: $180

Hand corker and wire hooder:

G.W. Kent - Approximate price: $3295 for Rapid 49 Champagne corker/hooder

Semi-automatic crown capper:

Criveller - Approximate price: $900

Durfo (Piemonte, Italy): Available through Functional Winery Supply or

Semi-automatic corker:

Criveller - Approximate price: $8500

TDD-Grilliat (Epernay, France)

Durfo (Functional)

Neck freezer:

Criveller - Approximate price: $8600 for 30 bottle freezer

Durfo (Functional) - Approximate price: $4000 for 10-bottle freezer


TDD-Grilliat - Approximate price: $4000 in 2008 for single-bottle disgorger.

Durfo (Functional)



Durfo (Functional)

Useful Winemaking Charts

Tartaric Acid - This chart shows how to calculate the amount of tartaric acid required to raise acidity, refer to the following table:

Desirable Sugar, Acid and pH Levels - This chart shows the sugar and acid values suited for making dry table wines. For making other types or styles of wine, the desired composition in terms of sugar, acid and pH could be different.

Potential Alcohol Yield - This chart shows the potential alcohol by volume resulting from fermentation of the must at various ºBrix levels.

Winemaking Guides and Recipes

UC Davis Home Wine Making Guide online: 

Nick Truman’s Wine Making Website:
Wine Making Homepage by Jack Keller: 

Jack Keller’s Wine Blog: 

Dina’s Wine Page: 

San Antonio’s Regional Wine Guild Recipes: 

E.C. Kraus Inc. List of Wine Recipes: 

Wine Recipes, Grape

Basic Winemaking Steps

White Winemaking - This chart shows the basic steps for making white table wine published in Micro Vinification by Dr. Murli R. Dharmadhikari and Dr. Karl L. Wilker.

Red Winemaking - This chart shows the basic steps for making red table wine published in Micro Vinification by Dr. Murli R. Dharmadhikari and Dr. Karl L. Wilker.