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Dangers of Oxidation in Table Wines

Missouri vintners produce some of the finest white table wines from French hybrid cultivars. Vignoles, Seyval, Vidal, and Cayuga White are the leading grape varieties used in premium white wine production. In 1992, Missouri wines received 240 awards in 17 wine competitions. Over 55 percent of these awards were given to white wines. Premium white wines are, therefore, very important to the growth of Missouri's wine industry. One of the quality features of these white wines is the presence of typical varietal character. Maintaining this quality attribute is crucial to the production of premium white table wines in Missouri.


Lets Focus on.. With Dr. Watrelot

December 17, 2019

Dr. Watrelot

Focusing on a grape variety


Marquette also named Minnesota 1211 is the most popular hybrid grape from the University of Minnesota released in 2006. Marquette has been added as a grape for wine processing and is now since November 2019, classified as VQA (Vintners Quality Alliance) in Ontario.


Lets Focus on... with Dr. Watrelot

February 25, 2020

Dr. Aude Watrelot

Oxidation in White Wine

In the previous newsletter of December 2019, the principle and consequences of oxidation in red winemaking have been discussed. To provide a full overview about the mechanisms of oxidation occurring in wines, the oxidation in white wines is the topic of this research winemaking focus.