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Native yeasts and microbial terroir

October 29, 2019

Maureen Moroney
The debate about terroir, what it is or isn’t, where it comes from, or whether it even exists at all, seems to be a perpetual one in the world of wine.

Recently when I was scrolling on social media, I came across this post:

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Recent Research on Microbial Terroir

April 29, 2020

Maureen Moroney

Like much of the wine world, I’ve been thinking, reading, and talking a lot lately about the idea of microbial terroir in wine. That is, whether and how regional distributions of microbes like yeast and bacteria on grapes and in wine contribute to regionally-distinctive sensory expressions.

I was scheduled to give a talk on the topic at the end of March, but as you all know, the university cancelled all in-person events before that happened. So I recorded it instead.