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Port Production*

When I was invited to speak before this group I accepted with pleasure, although with hesitation, since I am not practiced in the art of authorship or public speaking. Port is; however, a subject that I dearly love and a drink that I cherish. What does the word port mean? Usually people will think of a glass of sweet red wine. Most will know that it has been fortified. Very simply, that is exactly what port is; usually a red wine that tastes sweet, that has had brandy added to it. However, port is much more than this simplistic definition. It is my desire to instill enthusiasm for the drink and educate as to its production. 


Harvest Preparation*

The harvest season is around the corner. This is the busiest and the most critical period of the year. Organizing the crush and careful planning of this work is essential for a successful and trouble-free vintage. Let’s consider several topics to help you with the upcoming vintage.


Sensory Tasting in the Winery

August 31, 2020

Erin Norton

Part 3: Interpreting Sensory Test Results

In this series of articles, Erin Norton (Education & Outreach Coordinator) will provide details on how you can use sensory evaluation in your winery.  Any questions or comments, please direct them to Erin at