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Why the workshops, work.

June 30, 2020

With limited contact, travels restrictions, social distancing, and 'shelter in place' orders in some states, it has been hard for anyone to continue living their day to day lives in and out of the workplace. At the MGWII we had to postpone, workshops, wine competitions, research studies, and any type of interaction with our industry members. While it has been challenging, it was great to hear from a fellow wine industry member how the workshop we hosted right before COVID-19 hit Iowa, was able to help him out in his winery. Read more about Why the workshops, work.


Japanese Beetle

June 29, 2020

Somchai Rice Ph.D

Japanese beetles (Popillia japonica) made their way into the US around 1916, probably from larvae hitching a ride in the soil of imported plants.  Female beetles burrow 1 to 4 inches below the ground level to lay their eggs (hatch in 14 days).  The larvae live the entire winter, feeding on the roots of plants.  They are white grubs from August through the winter to June.  Adult beetles emerge from mid-June into mid- to late-July.  Read more about Japanese Beetle


Dealing with botrytis-infected grapes

June 29, 2020

Now that we are in the midst of another humid Iowa summer, and as harvest season approaches, bunch rot / sour rot caused by Botrytis cinerea is likely to be an issue for grape-growers and winemakers.

I recently discussed approaches for managing botrytis in the vineyard and in the winery with ISU’s Commercial Horticulture Specialist, Joe Hannan, on his Iowa Viticulture podcast: Read more about Dealing with botrytis-infected grapes