Iowa Quality Wine Consortium

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To increase consumer awareness of Iowa’s wine quality the Midwest Grape and Wine Industry Institute has assisted the Iowa Wine Growers Association (IWGA) to establish the Iowa Quality Wine Consortium (IQWC). IQWC is a fledgling alliance open to members of IWGA. The goal is to enhance the reputation of Iowa wines as high quality, therefore increasing market share and profitability of Iowa wines in the state and regional marketplace.

IQWC Guidelines

Membership Information

Benefits of IQWC membership:

  • Make your certified wines stand out in the competitive marketplace
  • Provide reassurance to customers so they will buy and serve your wine with confidence
  • Includes submission of 5 wines each membership year and the privilege to submit additional labels
  • Receive valuable feedback on all of your submitted wines
  • Receive 50% off most Midwest Grape and Wine Industry Institute (MGWII) laboratory services
  • Receive early notification of MGWII workshops and events
  • Send two members of your organization to MGWII tasting proficiency training for free! (space available)
  • Promote building the reputation and distinct styles that represent the Iowa growing region
  • Be a part of the success in building a strong, sustainable grape and wine industry in Iowa
  • Show your commitment to producing Iowa Quality Wine!

MarketMakerTM Map of IQWC member wineries and vineyards

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