#386 - June 14, 2018

The ISU Midwest Grape & Wine Industry Institute is HIRING!

Marestail A Weed that Keeps Increasing

Hold that Bung until that barrel cools down.  Good Advice!

2018 Iowa State Fair Wine & Beer Competition Forms Now Online

Clayton County Fair Amateur Wine & Beer Competition

Results from the 2018 Indy International Wine Competition

Results from the 2018 Pacific Rim International Wine Competition

2018 International Cold Climate Wine Competition

FREE:  Precision Viticulture at a Glance Webinar Series

6-18, Vineyard Mechanization & Management Workshop - IA

6-(20-22), Grapevine Magazine Midwest Viniculture Expo – Davenport, IA

Top 10 Wine Grapes in the U.S.

6-23, Richard Smart Viticulture Workshop – Soaring Wings Vineyard, NE

6-24, Vineyard Mgt. with Dr. Richard Smart – Round Lake Vineyards, MN

6-25, Improved Canopy Management & Trunk Disease Implications – MN

6-(28-29) Wine Chemistry Workshop – ISU Ames

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