#377 - January 30, 2018

FREE: 2018 Midwest Fruit Pest Management Guide

FREE: Small Wine Brands 7-week Wine Marketing Course via E-mail

Viticulture Position – Highland Community College – Wamego, KS

3-(15-17), Cold Climate Conference – Bloomington, MN

FREE: CCOVI, Brock University Lecture Series Started January 15

FREE: Organic Transition Business Planner – 180 pp. from SARE

2-(18-19), Register Now for the IWGA Conference

FREE: 2-5, UW-Madison Winemaking Workshop – Wollersheim Winery

3-(7-9), Show Me Grape & Wine Conference and Symposium - MO

4-(9-19), Siebel Institute of Technology Brewing Microbiology Course

FREE: Evaluating cold hardy winegrape maturity pub from UW Extension

7-30 to 8-2, VitiNord 2018 will be in Scandinavia

FREE: Maryland Sustainable Practices Grape Growing Workbook

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