#372 - December 7, 2017

ISU Soil & Plant Analysis Laboratory Will Close Permanently 12-31-17

Congrats to these Midwest Wineries for Wins at the Jefferson Cup

At What Temperature Does Wine Freeze

FREE: 5 Week Online Course in Viticulture & Enology – France

FREE: Wine Vine 101 Online Course Adelaide University – Australia

Cold Climate Conference is now taking Vendor Registrations

12-11, Iowa Winemakers Roundtable – ISU, Ames, IA

12-31, Early Registration Deadline for Cornell CUVEE Program

12-15, Deadline to Register for VESTA VIN 212

1-(4+5), Wine Microbiology Workshop – ISU, Ames, IA

1-(26 & 27), 19th Greater KC Cellarmasters Amateur Wine Competition

2-5, FREE UW-Madison Winemaking Workshop – Wollersheim Winery

International Brewing Diploma – Siebel Institute of Technology

3-(7-8), License to Steal Wine Marketing Conference – Lancaster, PA

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Neeto Keeno

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Barefoot Wines do well at Jefferson Cup Invitational