#369- October 25, 2017

Is Fall Vineyard Pruning an Option?
First Iowa Wine Growers Association was formed in 1869
Midwest Grape & Wine Industry Institute – Position Announcement
2-(18-19)-18, Iowa Wine Growers Association Conference
Become a Certified Winemaker within less than a year!
Insurance for Growers of Winegrapes
5-(7-16)-2018 Washington State University Tour of NY Wine Regions
10-28, Tour of Missouri’s White Oak, Whiskey, and Wine Tour
11-6, FREE High Tunnel Production & Mgt Short Course – Ames, IA
ISU Iowa High Tunnel Fruit and Vegetable Production Manual
11-(6-8), Wine Marketing & Tourism Conference – Santa Rosa, CA
11-(11-12), VIN 266 Wine Sensory Evaluation – VESTA - Missouri
11-16, Fine Tuning – Preparing Your Wines for Bottling – ISU Ames, IA
11-(19-20), 17th Annual Organic Conference – Iowa City
11-(27-28), ISU Women in Ag Leadership Conference – Ames
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