Strengthening Families Program: For Parents and Youth 10-14

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Attention all 5th & 6th Grade Students in Fort Dodge!

Open to 5th & 6th grade students at all FD Elementary schools, FDMS, St Eds, St. Paul, Community Christian, and Harvest Baptist!

You and your parents are invited to the Strengthening Families 10-14 Program, to strengthen skills and bonds that help youth and families thrive!

Strengthening Families Program helps families work together to:

  • Resist peer pressure
  • Respect each other
  • Deal with stress
  • Appreciate each others' points of view
  • Solve disagreements
  • Improve Attitude and behavior 
  • Make good choices

Over the past 18 years SFP 10-14 has helped over 900 local families build and maintain strong communication skills and relationships between parents and youth!

Why Should I Attend?

  • It's fun and FREE!
  • Students receive $5 CASH each week they attend
  • Students receive a $40 gift certificate when they graduate from the program (graduation based on attendance)
  • Evening meals provided Monday nights (5:30 to 6pm)!
  • FREE child care for younger children

How long is the program?

  • Meet once a week for 6 weeks
  • Includes a graduation event
  • Each workshop is 2 hours
    • 1st hour: Parents & students participate in separate activities
    • 2nd hour: Families work together with facilitators
  • Sessions begin on Sunday, Mar. 3 or Monday, Mar. 4 and ends on Sunday, Apr. 14 or Monday, Apr. 8. 
    • Sunday afternoons (2 - 4:15 p.m.) will be held at Trinity United Methodist Church (838 N 25th St)
    • Monday nights (5:30 - 8 p.m.) will be held at Frist Prespyterian Church (1111 5th Ave N)
  • Schedule Flex option: If you are part of the Sunday group but are unable to attend one week, your family is welcome to participate in the session you missed by joining the Monday group that same week.Likewise, Monday attendees can attend Sunday if they know they need to miss one week. Advance notice for meals and childcare is appreciated. 

Register Now for Spring Session:

Want to protect your children, but find it challenging? Wondering how to help your children resist peer pressure? Parents and youth will practice skills, play learning games, do family projects in highly interactive sessions to increase family bonding, build positive communication skills, and solve problems together.

Intended audience: Youth ages 10-14 and their parents/caregivers

Format: Seven 3-hour workshops