Webster County 4-H Youth Grants

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Webster County 4-H Youth Grants
Webster County 4-H members may apply for the Webster County Youth Grant Program, which is an outgrowth of the Iowa Promise Grant due to the discontinuation of the Promise Grant Program after 2009.  The Promise Grant was originally established in result of the 1998 Iowa Summit Initiative and its emphasis on youth and community service.
This program has been designed to help Webster County 4-H’ers make a connection between their activities and the larger picture of contributing to fulfilling the Five Promises in their community.
Grants of up to $250 may be requested.
·         Complete Program Description/Guidelines
2018 Application   
For additional information, e-mail Lindsay Kavanaugh at ISU Extension & Outreach  lindsayk@iastate.edu or call  515-576-2119.

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