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Livestock Identification

All livestock must be identified for eligibility to exhibit at the Webster County Fair. All exhibitors will follow the requirements outlined in 4-H Online and the 4H202: Animal Identification, Weighing, and Exhibiting Requirements for County, State and Interstate Shows

  • 4-H, Clover Kids: All IDs must be entered in 4-HOnline by the species deadline of May 15th (with the exception of Market Beef, Poultry, Rabbit). 
  • FFA: IDs will be expected to follow the Webster County 4-H deadlines. IDs will be accepted via the 4-H ID or Verfication Forms. Similar FFA documents will be accepted if all required information from the 4-H Form is present.  

YQCA Certification (Youth for the Quality Care of Animals)

All 4-H and FFA Exhibitors showing: Beef, Sheep, Swine, Goats, Rabbits, and/or Poultry must provide a copy of their current YQCA Certificate. Please email to

NOTE: If a family member has taken the online training in the past, it is always best practice to sign into the same account (using the "forgotten username or password" assistance.)

Premise ID

Premise ID numbers are required for all Swine entries. The Premise ID must be for the farm where the hogs are being cared for - if that is not where the 4-H'er lives, they will need the owner of the property to obtain and provide their Premise ID number. (The application process may take several weeks)