Club and Project Area Directory

4-H Clubs

4-H grows confidence, creativity, curiosity, courage, character and much more by allowing youth to use the skillls they learn to make a positive difference in their communities. 4-H clubs are open to youth in grades 4 through 12. Please contact our office to learn more about the clubs and opportunities listed below. 

Leaders: Jillian Herndon

Location: Fort Dodge area

Leader: Amy Jaeschke

Location: Moorland Area

Leaders: Becky Aquino & Heather Wittrock

Location: Clare area

Leaders: Deb Shelton & Alma Boro

Location: Fort Dodge Area

Leaders: Mary Rethwisch, Megan Eastman

Location: Callender area

Leaders: Jennifer Hess & Guy Miller

Location: Duncombe Area

Leaders: Kerry Rees, Mary Eslick, & Beth Peterson

Location: Dayton area

Leaders: Marsha Farnham & Patricia Wanat

Location: Gowrie area

Leaders: Linda Cline, Chris Tiernan, & Kelsy Urlis

Location: Fort Dodge area

Leader: Jolene Hays

Location: Fort Dodge Senior High

Project Area Meetings

Once a member is enrolled in 4-H, lots of opportunities are available. Webster County 4-H is fortunate to have many great volunteers ready to teach local 4-H club members about many project areas. 

Project Leaders: Colleen Eslick, Shawn Lawler, & Matt Lundberg

About: Build and launch model rockets. Learn about flight, space, and more! 

Meetings: begin in the spring to order and build rockets. A safety launch is held prior to the competition launch before fair. 

Superintendents: Heather Stewart & Katie Walrod

About: Weigh-in animals in the spring. All sexually intact goats must have a Scrapie tag to exhibit. Animals must be ID'd by May 15 to exhibit. 

Meetings: TBD

Interim Leader: Samantha Smith

About: Also known as rabbit show jumping or rabbit agility is an animal sport where animals are led through a course by their owners, modeled after horse show jumping. Animals must follow ID requirements. 

Meetings: Begin in May. A minimum attendance of three meetings and training sessions will be required for fair eligibility. 

Superintendent: Aaron Martin

About: Market weigh-in held in December, IDs due in Jauary. Breeding IDs due no later than May 15. 

Leaders: Jenny Eckert, Patrick Greve, Justin & Shanna Egli, Susie McDonald, Danielle Condon

About: Learn about care & grooming, horsemanship, and riding your animal. Horses must be ID'd by May 15th in order to show. 

Meetings: Start in spring. To exhibit, 4-Hers must attend 2 arena meetings with their horse, stay for the duration of the presented program at the meetings. 

About: Learn safe, responsible use of firearms equipment including sound decision-making, self-discipline, and concentration. Promote highest safety standards, sportsmanship, and ethical behavior. 

Rifle Leaders: Guy Miller, Matt Lundberg, & Richard Eslick

Meetings: Start in September.

Shotgun Leaders: Justin Ford & Ron Webb

Meetings: Start in May. Each lesson will start with a safety overview followed by a range session. Must be 11 years old to participate and 12 to compete in competitions. 

Project Leaders: Linda Cline & Karen Hayes

About: Learn more about your pets. Members will learn about costs, equipment, care, feeding, and more. Animals must be ID'd to exhibit at fair. 

Meetings: Begin in the spring. 4-Hers must attend at least one meeting to exhibit at fair. 

Project Leader: Anna Lewandowski

About: Learn more about your animals and their care. To exhibit birds at fair, they must be pullorum tested and ID'd by the announced deadline. 

Meetings: Start in February. To participate in fair, members must attend at least 2 project meetings, pullorum testing, and barn clean-up. 

Superintendent: Jim Rees

About: Weigh-in animals in the spring. All ewes and rams will need the scrapie tag to participate. Animals must be ID'd to exhibit at the fair. 

Project Leaders: Jennie Dencklau & Katie Schelle

About: Learn about care and grooming, obedience, and handling. Dogs must have a current rabies certificate and be ID'd by May 15 to exhibit at fair. 

Meetings: Start in the winter 2-3 times per month. 4-Hers wanting to exhibit at fair must attend at least 2 meetings with their dog(s). 

Project Leaders: Samantha Smith & Pam Speck

About: Learn about the care and maintenance of your animals. Rabbits must be ID'd to exhibit at fair. 

Meetings: begin in February. Members must attend at least 2 meetings, tattoo day, and barn clean up day in order to be eligible to show at the fair. 


Superintendents: Paul Johnson & Josh Carlson

About: Exhibitors must contact the office to obtain ear tags and ID animals prior to the May 15 Deadline for fair eligiblitiy.