Clover Kids at the Fair

Exhibit Information

Please note: All Clover Kids fair activities are classified as participation classes. There are no entry fees collected, or premiums paid out. 

Clover Kids Auditorium Exhibits

  • Open to any youth enrolled in all Webster County Clover Kids (CK) Clubs.
  • This is an opportunity to Clover Kids to showcase their creativity and learning.
  • The CK auditorium showcase is similar to the static judging experience for 4-H members and will be held in the auditorium on Tuesday, July 11th.
  • Exhibits will be on display in a Clover Kids booth for the duration of the fair. 
  • It is encouraged for Clover Kids to have their exhibit classes picked in Fair Entry by June 9th. 
  • Please review the auditorium rules and classes. (INSERT LINK)

Clover Kids Livestock Exhibits

  • Exhibitors must be enrolled in the Clover Kids (CK) Livestock Club.
  • In order to be prepared for exhibiting your animal at the fair, it is strongly encouraged to attend the Clover Kids Livestock meetings.
  • CK may show the use an older siblings' or family members' animal. 
  • If an animal is shared, it is encouraged to also ID the animal under the CK member. It is REQUIRED to ID under the older 4-H or FFA member. It recommended to ID under the 4-H profile before entering with the CK member. 
  • It is encouraged for CK to pick their fair show classes in fair entry. 
  • For CK Livestock rules and classes, please visit our "How to Enter" page. 


Quick Links and Other Information

  • Clover Kids Exhibit Learning Form (suggested to use, but optional). Use to support auditorium exhibits.
  • Clover Kids Livestock classes and information [see pg. 62 of your fairbook]
  • Clover Kids Auditorium Exhibit classes and information [see pg. 63 of your fairbook]
  • Clover Kids Equation
  • Clover Kids Write Up Form

Clover Kids Leaders

Clover Kids Livestock Club

  • Megan Alliger
  • Sara Scharf
  • Stacy Miller
  • Jaedyn Condon

Webster County Clover Kids

  • Brooke McKibban

ID Deadlines:

  • Calves, Goats, Lambs, Pets: May 15
  • Rabbit, Poultry: June 22

Fair Entries Due: 

  • Auditorium Exhibits, Calves, Goats, Lambs, Pets: June 9
  • Rabbit, Poultry: June 21

Fair Schedule

  • Auditorium

    • Showcase: Tuesday, July 11th - 9:30 am to 11 am & 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm
    • Booth Display: Wednesday, July 12 to Sunday, July 16
  • Clothing Event

    • Showcase: Saturday, June 24 - Time TBD
    • Style Show (optional): Wednesday, July 12
  • Calves

    • Check in: Wednesday, July 12th - 2-5 PM 
    • Show: Friday, July 14th - Time TBD
  • Goats

    • Check in: Wednesday, July 12th - 2-5 PM 
    • Show: Thursday, July 13th - Time TBD
  • Lambs

    • Check in: Wednesday, July 12th - 2-5 PM 
    • Show: Thursday, July 13th - Time TBD
  • Pets

    • Check in: Prior to show (animals do not stay on grounds)
    • Show: Friday, July 14th
  • Poultry

    • Check in
    • Show: Friday, July 14th - Time TBD
  • Rabbit

    • Check in 
    • Show: Thursday, July 13th - Time TBD