Clothing and Communication Events

Clothing Event

This event encompasses these fair classes: Clothing Selection, $20 Challenge (formerly $15), Fashion Revue, and NEW Innovative Design Class

For class descriptions, participation guidelines, and other information, please visit our fairbook (insert link). BRING completed form and photo to judging day!


* Please remember to include a photo of the 4-H member in the garment. (4"x6" recommended)


photo description of clothing classes

Communication Events

These events include the following fair classes: Education Presentation, Extemporaneous Speaking, Working Exhibit, Share the Fun, and Posters. 

For Class descriptions, participation guidelines, scheduling, and more information, please visit our fairbook. 

Educational Presentation:

Extemporaneous Speaking:

Working Exhibits:

Share the Fun:

  • This class provides an opportunity to perform before an audience, purely for the sake of enjoyment. Please refer to the fairbook for more information. 

Additional Resources: